Exordium Games is an indie studio founded in 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.
We are doing our best to deliver great experiences to players no matter how and when they play.



Meet our Characters.

Andrej Kovačević

…is our dedicated game director and firefighter.

Andrija Stepić

…is our lead programmer and hack’n’slash guitarist.

Juraj Juraković

…is our project manager and racing games geek.

Hrvoje Maroš

…is our sound designer and creative accountant.

Zlatka Subotičanec

…is our artist and chameleon.

Toni Steyskal

…is our programmer by day, superhero by night.

Blaž Klarić

…is our artist and master of painting.

Nikola Kovač

…is our technical artist and philosopher of the stones.

Jakša Brzović

…is our programmer and speed metal warrior.

Dora Ingrid Perković

…is our animator and art creator. Also, Overwatch enthusiast.

Lea Dragić

…is our 2D artist and animator with a big appetite for creativity… and food!

Marko Alerić

…is our programmer and silent thinker.

Mislav Požek

…is our programmer and mad scientist.

Nikolina Švenda

…is our community manager and emancipated squirrel.


Become a part of an Exordium Games team and share some love for video games with us!

If you’re a Unity programmer or 2D artist by day and a gamer by night, don’t hesitate to apply!

Send us an open application with your CV and cover letter at

If you know what your goal is, the opportunities are endless, and this is where it all starts.


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Exordium Games Studio
Dužice 1, 10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 (1) 3040 620