Adventure Creator Tips & Tricks – Part 1: Project and Scene Structure

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Welcome to the first article in the series of articles on Adventure Creator focusing on hierarchy and scene structure in your adventure projects. The articles in the series will take form as general best practices and productivity ideas. Adventure Creator (AC) is a toolkit for Unity which you can use to develop a complete 2D or 3D adventure game without writing a single line of code. But you CAN write code if you like to get any desired custom behavior and maybe some bugs, yummy! The series will not teach AC basics but is meant as an upgrade to existing tutorials which already have that covered.  Hopefully, it will be a helpful toolbox on your first adventure with AC. If we've had this back when working on Bear With Me - Episode One, it would have saved us a lot of time. This is basically us sharing what we've learned while [...]

Game Development Magic Show – Bear With Me

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Game development is a lot like a magic show in the sense where you take a bunch of Houdinis, some reluctant participants, stuff them all in a box, and then... A monkey comes out. Or a pigeon. Well, it’s not like a magic show per se, but you end up working with talented people on sparkly magical stuff. And it takes a lot of preparation, work and dedication. It’s not easy work, despite what everyone would like you to believe. It takes time, money, persistence and knowledge. It amazes me every time I see a beautiful or action packed trailer for some game. It’s the true “WOW factor” that almost always leaves you amazed and inspired. As a developer, you’ll never experience those trailers or the games themselves in the same way anymore. Also, you’re still amazed by visuals, story and game mechanics but with [...]

Conference of awesomeness – Reboot Develop 2017

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Why would anyone attend the Reboot Develop game industry conference next year? Should great talks by amazing people from the gaming industry all over the world be enough to not hesitate? Find out in our short recap of one of the most exclusive game developer conferences in Europe. Ladies and gentlemen, Reboot Develop in all of its glory was organised in sunny King’s Landing Dubrovnik this year! Reboot Develop was held from the 20th to 22nd of April 2017 at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera resort. The most luxurious and gorgeous location imaginable. We participated in this year's conference in Dubrovnik within the Indie Expo Area, where we presented and demonstrated our games Bear With Me and Agenda to the attendees and fellow devs. If you’re a small indie studio or an individual that makes games for the love of the joystick and keyboard, this is the right place to showcase your [...]

Evolution of our indie game Zero Reflex

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Many may question why we decided to change the name and visuals for our indie game to Zero Reflex when it was already in soft launch on the App Store as ZeroReflex! Well, let’s start from the very beginning. THE VERY BEGINNING The first version of the game was called The Reflexx 2. The name came about as a joke, since there was no The Reflexx 1. The original prototype was initially developed by Marinko Murgić, a student from Machina – a game design center in Zagreb, Croatia. Marinko had no prior knowledge of programming before the actual course so this was his first attempt of making a game, and what an attempt it was. Initial prototype Menu In 2013, along with another couple of student games The Reflexx 2 was presented at Reboot InfoGamer, the biggest South East European games show. Students had the chance to showcase [...]

Surviving your first game show – Gamescom 2015

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Surviving your first game show might be an intimidating task. We have to admit that we were really happy with ours. So this year we went to Gamescom, our first international gaming convention! We went to talk to publishers, meet new indie developers and make contacts in the game industry on global level. We were in the B2B area in a shared booth with other great Croatian developers: Ironward with The Red Solstice, Little Green Men with Starpoint Gemini 2, Gamepires with Gas Guzzlers Extreme and occasional visits from Croteam with their award winning Talos Principle. Our visit to Gamescom was made possible by the efforts of the Croatian Game Developers Association and the Croatian Chamber of Economy so here goes another big thank you to the guys. Tasks and activities The team was divided into three tasks: Our project manager had arranged meetings with publishers and representatives of other companies in the game dev industry. [...]