Join us in a new endeavour & compete for a $100,000 prize pool with AI GameToEarn

May 22nd, 2023|Categories: Game development, Games, Marketing'n'Stuff, Studio, Studio activities|

AI GameToEarn is giving players the chance of a lifetime to compete for a $100,000 prize pool! Starting on 25.5. @ 10:00 UTC, you can mint their AI NFTs and join in on the competition. With the price of each AI NFT set at only $188,88, it’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up. As an AI NFT owner, you’ll have access to many exclusive features designed to help you maximize your earnings potential and have the chance to win life-changing money through monthly competitions and leaderboards. All you have to do is stake your AI NFT on the platform and compete with other players – it’s that easy! By minting an Avatar NFT, players can stake it to boost their multiplier earning bonus and gain access to features which allow users to profit by playing and earning. You can learn more about the [...]

Prilagodba tvrtke Exordium Games za komercijalizaciju inovativnih proizvoda i usluge u segmentu HyperCasual igara za globalno tržište

January 24th, 2023|Categories: Game development, Games, Studio, Studio activities|Tags: , , , , , , |

Naziv projekta „Prilagodba tvrtke Exordium Games za komercijalizaciju inovativnih proizvoda i usluge u segmentu HyperCasual igara za globalno tržište“ šifra projekta NPOO.C1.1.2.R2-I5.01.0149 Kratki opis projekta Projekt „Prilagodba tvrtke Exordium Games za komercijalizaciju inovativnih proizvoda u segmentu HyperCasual igara za globalno tržište“ osmišljen je s ciljem pripreme tvrtke Exordium Games za komercijalizaciju inovativnog proizvoda i usluge na globalnom tržištu. Predmet projekta jest priprema tvrtke Exordium Games za komercijalizaciju inovativnog proizvoda i usluge što će se realizirati uvođenjem novih procesa i organizacijskih metoda te finalizacijom oba rješenja za plasman na globalno tržište. NOVI PROCESI Proces održavanja i nadogradnje platforme (frameworka), Proces korisničke i tehničke podrške, Proces analize korisničkih podataka i rezultata razvoja na platformi. NOVE ORGANIZACIJSKE METODE Uspostava hibridne organizacije i osiguranja preduvjeta za rad s udaljenih lokacija, Uvođenje „Management by objectives“ metodologije praćenja organizacijske uspješnosti radi efikasnijeg planiranja, Stvaranje baze znanja i potpornih funkcija za [...]

Game Design In One Day – Game Jam Experience

September 22nd, 2017|Categories: Game design, Game development, Takeaway|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Have you ever heard about a game jam or a game hackathon? Game jams are hackathons for games where participation needs to create a game on a given theme in just one or in some cases, a couple of days. In that small amount of time participants need to go through the process of brainstorming, designing and developing the game. You might wonder, how could they pull it off? Is creating games that easy?   Source: IG Jam  In some jams, most of the participants are actually students, teenagers who aren't from the game industry, but I’m certain that most of them want to be. People gather at game jams mostly for fun and for meeting up with many people, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new, the only thing you can lose is time. However, creating games is not an easy task at all, [...]

Narrative in games, you say? Is that even a thing?

September 1st, 2017|Categories: Game design, Narration in games|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Do all games have some narrative? Let's see, or better, let's listen. You know that game where you have to purge the dungeons of the cursed town to stop the evil from spreading? Or the one where you are trying to save the world from the hordes of demons from hell with not much more than your trusty shotgun? How about that one where you have to neatly stack these parts falling from above to get the chance do the more of the same stuff? And what about that one where you fight your opponent’s army with your own using your peons, knights, bishops, even the king, and the queen in a bitter battle where the better strategist wins and looser loose even his king’s life. Do you recognize at least some of these games? Well, I think all the games have some narrative, yet [...]

Adventure Creator Tips & Tricks: Part 3 – Camera Setup

August 17th, 2017|Categories: Game development, Tips&Tricks|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

Welcome to the third tutorial in the series of tutorials on Adventure Creator plugin for Unity. In the second tutorial, we promised that we will talk about UI tips and tricks next. And we will talk about UI but the main actors in this tutorial will be the cameras. Reading the previous posts is not required, but if you like, feel free to check them out. The first tutorial gives the introduction to the series and covers the Adventure Creator (AC) project and scene structure. The second tutorial elaborates on how to efficiently use action lists. In this part we will be focusing on camera tips and tricks, we will present some solutions from Bear With Me through answering 3 questions: How to implement a simple static Adventure Creator scene? How to implement a scrolling scene? How to implement a close up scene?   How to implement a [...]

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