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Last Encounter is a twin-stick roguelike in deep space following a group of heroes trying to prevent the unavoidable by cloning their ships and designing their weapons with swappable components.

Advanced technology lets you and your friends clone your avatars so death is not the end. Teleport into new sectors of space, discovering the ever-changing, procedurally generated layouts and hazards filled with strange beings and alien environments.

Find dozens of advanced weapon components scattered throughout diverse galaxy biomes. Combine the pieces as you see fit to create the strongest weapon in the universe.

Choose from a variety of unlockable and upgradeable ships and prove your skills against bosses and alien attackers in the far reaches of space.


  • Component based weapon system enables hundreds of possible weapon combinations.
  • Twin stick action rogue-lite gameplay, easy to pick up – hard to master.
  • Procedurally generated biomes filled with a variety of enemies and hazards.
  • Unlockable and upgradeable space ships and components.
  • Deep space boss fights put your piloting skills to the test.
  • Perma-death game loop; each run is a new chance.
  • Local co-op for up to 4 players, perfect for both couch co-op or on-the-go fun.
  • Original soundtrack.

Project Info:

Genres: Twin-stick Space Roguelike

Players modes: Singleplayer, up to 4 player local Co-op

Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Status: Published

Release date: May 8 on Steam, consoles coming in Q3 2018

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