Project Description



Exordium Games wants to bring you Nephil’s Fall – an epic 2d fantasy platformer with metroidvania gameplay, several unique mechanics, beautifully illustrated interactive environments, a deep story-line and great replayability potential.

The game is inspired by a mix of classic metroidvania platformer games and JRPGs as the main visual foundation. We put a lot of effort in creating the world and environments that you’ll be exploring and we are really satisfied with the unique art style, hope you like it as much as we do.

We are very excited about Nephil’s Fall as we put a lot of hard work, passion and heart in this little gem of ours, but since we are independent developers we can only do so much. Now it’s your turn!

We want you guys to give us your feedback, we truly believe that we have a great game on our hands and with your feedback it can only become better! Passion has brought us this far, but for the game to keep evolving and see the light of day, we really need your help. This project is not going to happen without you!