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Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Release date:
August 8, 2016

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Bear With Me is an episodic noir adventure game. Amber is trying to find her missing brother while being aided by her trusty teddy, Ted E. Bear. Being haunted by nightmares, Amber wakes up in the middle of the night only to find out that her brother Flint is missing. She seeks help from her trusted teddy, Ted E. Bear, a retired grumpy old detective. The dynamic duo sets out to hunt for clues and interrogate all the witnesses and suspects unaware of the dangers that recently started happening to residents of Paper City. The plot thickens as a mysterious "red man" has been seen starting fires around Paper City and looking for little miss Amber.



  • Story driven "horror" noir adventure game.
  • Uniquely drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation.
  • Dialogues and interrogations full of puns. Sarcastic, dark and funny from start to finish.
  • Variety of clues and puzzles to uncover the mystery.
  • Interactive and occasionally playable detective sidekick, Ted E. Bear.
  • Full English voiceover as well as subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
  • Original Soundtrack.


Episode Three - Trailer YouTube

Episode Three - Teaser YouTube

Episode Two - Trailer YouTube

Episode Two - Teaser YouTube

Official Trailer YouTube


Bear With Me - Westpaw Casino - Crooked Room.png
Bear With Me - Seagull.png
Bear With Me - Bridge - Control Room.png
Bear With Me - Westpaw Casino - Elevator Lobby.png
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Paper City Police Station.png
Bear With Me - Mr. Herbert.png
Bear With Me - Westpaw Casino - Back Alley.png
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Lookout Point - Ted.png
Bear With Me - Diner - Outside.png
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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Indie Game Winner" Reboot InfoGamer, 2014
  • "Best Narrative Game Nominee" Casual Connect Amsterdam, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "The story and characters are extremely well written, and the inter-character dialogue is a joy to behold."
    - Matthew Lee, Pixel Pop Network
  • "Bear With Me oozes style and humour, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it will unfold and which other characters we’ll meet along the way."
    - Mark O’Beirne, Click Online
  • "Bear With Me is a wonderful point-and-click adventure game which crosses the cute with the serious."
    - Julian Rzechowicz, OK Games

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About Exordium Games

Exordium Games is an indie studio based in Zagreb founded in 2014. Our goal is to deliver great experiences to players through a diverse set of games which differ by genre and platform. We thrive on fast prototyping and are always on the lookout for innovative concepts to capture and deliver fun to players, no matter when and how they play.

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