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December 2015

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Nephil's Fall, at its heart, is a metroidvania platformer. Exploration through action-adventure based play is the basic principle of the game. There will be different paths to take, secrets to uncover, abilities to master and timed jumps to execute. These are the core mechanics that we believe define a great genre. We want to stay true to the gameplay experiences of Nephils’ predecessors and improve on them with a rich story and new mechanics.


We started developing the concept in September 2014 and in spring 2015 we launched the Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded. The release of the game is planned by the end of 2015.


  • Classic platformer mechanics – run, jump, double-jump, roll, etc.
  • Four essences of fire, water, earth and wind, which enhance your abilities and make you a demi-god.
  • Sacrifice your abilities to restore order to the world and discover what really happend.
  • Master each environments in your own play style.
  • Start strong with loads of abilities, but give them up along the way and become a master of those you have chosen to keep.


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About Exordium Games

Exordium Games is an indie studio based in Zagreb founded in 2014. Our goal is to deliver great experiences to players through a diverse set of games which differ by genre and platform. We thrive on fast prototyping and are always on the lookout for innovative concepts to capture and deliver fun to players, no matter when and how they play.

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